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Thanks to our rich net of experienced partners abroad, we run complex market research and public opinion polling all over the world.

We are able to conduct research at any geographic market – we run research all over the world thanks to our offices in Poland, Spain and Turkey and a broad net of experienced partners in many countries. Our mobile team is experienced in research project management at different continents.

Our team is specialized in many areas, for example:

Image research
We use credible brand image research methodology. Apart from the image research for commercial brands, we specialize in image research for countries and regions.

Sector research
Sector research is a complex and comprehensive diagnosis of sector competitive position that includes determining the factors affecting given sector and developing the supportive tools for the sector.

Foreign market research
We dispose of rich research tool set designed for foreign market research. For more information, please see: ExportCreator.

B2B research
B2B research involves the representatives of particular companies as respondents. B2B research most frequently includes the analysis of competitiveness, the analysis of clients, partners and contractors. Due to the character of B2B research, we cooperate with most professional and reliable interviewers.

Research of web portals users’ needs
We use a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to define the needs of web portals users. This constitutes an important element of developing functional requirements for every web portal that aims to succeed.

Satisfaction level research
When it comes to satisfaction level of the clients, we focus on the following research areas: competitiveness of the offer and its complementary character, brand assessment and the clients attachment. We also run research on the satisfaction with the services provided by public institutions.

Labor market research
The research in this area includes complex analysis of the demand and supply on the labor market.

Research methods and techniques
In our research, we use the following research methods and techniques:

QUALIMASSIVE© is a method developed by our company through many years of research practice. The method combines the elements of qualitative research (QUALI component) and quantitative (MASSIVE component). It is applied first of all in the research of professionals – research population is most frequently homogenous, which allows to draw quantitative conclusions with a relatively small sample. Simultaneously, the interview provides the qualitative information – the respondent is asked to substantiate his response, which allows to obtain in-depth image of the phenomenon studied. QUALIMASSIVE© interview is held on the basis of the framework scenario that includes multiple choice questions and open questions that require a comprehensive answer by the respondent.

Surveys allow to obtain quantitative data. The research is run on the basis of dedicated questionnaire form.  Dependant on the subject of the research and the character of the respondents, we select an adequate questionnaire research technique:

    • PAPI (Paper and Pencil Interviewing)
    • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
    • CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)
    • CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)

In-depth interviews allow to obtain qualitative data. The research is conducted on the basis of framework scenario composed of a question list that does not determine the course of the study. We make every effort to make the interview look like a natural conversation which allows to gather data as effectively as possible. At the same time, thanks to standardization of the scenarios, the research allows to compare particular interviews. Dependant on the subject of the research and the character of the respondents, we select an adequate research technique:

    • IDI (Individual In-Depth Interview)
    • E-IDI – conversation between the moderator and the respondent via Internet communicators
    • TDI (Telephone In-Depth Interview)
    • FGI (Focus Group Interview)

Desk research is a group of research techniques that includes the analysis of the data existed. It is employed to diagnostic works. It allows to conduct an in-depth analysis of the subject and obtain data useful while creating tools for remaining research techniques.

Workshops – workshop techniques applied by our team while developing strategic documents, including public consultation, have application in the research process. At the level of diagnosis, it allows to confront particular problem among different persons and environments. Diagnostics workshops include: moderated discussions, brain-storming, simulation and many different techniques.


In the research conducted we achieve the foregoing aims thanks to focus on three aspects that make our offer special:

Triangulation – in-depth approach to the research process in order to understand the research problem deeply via multiplication of research techniques (methodological triangulation) and maximizing the number of researchers that analyze the problem (analytical triangulation).

Individual character – via consultation with the Client, each time we develop an individual set of tools that solves the research problems. Individual approach to research design and conduct allows to assure complete adequacy and utility of the results and obtain a full satisfaction of our Client.

Future-driven approach – we make every effort that the tools used in the research enable the Client to repeat and extend the research in the future. Apart from the results of the research, we provide the Client with a description of methodology applied, the tools developed and data gathered in raw form. Thanks to that, the Client is able to run further research and compare the results.


Please, learn more about our research methodology and the projects conducted at Projects.