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Supporting producers of diet supplements in entering Polish market

It took our AGERON Export Creator team  4 weeks  to find a partner for our client, negotiate the terms and conditions, sign a distribution agreement and start shipping first orders to Poland.

For our two Customers –producer of natural magnesium and manufacturer of plant based proteins from Western Europe, we have conducted a market entry project. The following phases were scheduled and completed:

  1. Gathering key information on the market – competition, distribution channels, price segmentation, margins imposed by wholesalers and retailers, registration of the product and notification process.
  2. Listing potential partners (distributors) that meet business criteria set by the Customers.
  3. Communication with potential partners, identification of persons responsible for cooperation with new suppliers and product portfolio – verification of standards set for the partners by the Client (experience on the market, sales force, distribution channels, quality of marketing communication), assessing interest in cooperation, collecting opinions and information about the product provided by the potential partners and their views on chances of  the product for a successful market entry.
  4. Recommendations on entering the market with help of particular distributors, most suitable from the standpoint of adopted market strategy.

The project exceeded our expectations – few days after presenting the final report to the Client, first shipments were sent to Poland. Orders were made by one of the distributors we had recommended.

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