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Strategic sector analysis for Subcarpatia

Under Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013 program run for the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, the team of AGERON Polska undertook to conduct the analysis of five branches , that were considered to be of strategic character for Subcarpatia. The branches chosen are as follows:

  • Chemistry;
  • Aviation;
  • IT;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Life quality (this branch includes three crucial sectors:
    • Sustainable tourism (active tourism, heritage tourism, recreation, agrotourism, business tourism, religious tourism)
    • Health (medical centers, health resorts, SPA, medical tourism, eldercare, eco food),
    • Eco technologies (green building, eco infrastructure, technologies for tourism and health, recycling).

All these sectors were analyzed in respect of such factors, as the volume, structure, main development centers, existing companies . That is how the report was completed with the labor market data in the Podkarpackie province. Thanks to that, analysis of particular sector potential analysis was possible.

Developing five brochures that promote particular branches and report summarizing the information gathered were the final effect of the project.