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Economic Promotion Strategy for Wielkopolska Voivodship 2012-2020


Wielkopolska Voivodeship as one of the first in the country decided to formulate economic promotion strategy. Plan for strategic activities aiming at Wielkopolska’s economic development was created as a result of a couple of months’ work of AGERON’s team and involvement of Wielkopolska’s companies, local government’s units and business environment institutions.

In 2010 AGERON formulated ‘Economic promotion strategy fo Wielkopolska Voivodship in the years 2010-2020′ for the Wielkopolska Voivodship Office.

The project aimed at indicating directions of regional economy’s and companies’ from Wielkopolska development in order to strengthen their competitiveness, especially in export activities. What is more, Strategy describes how to increase investment attractiveness of the region and how to support business tourism.

Between October and November 2010 a series of consulting meetings took place in specific subregions of Wielkopolska. These meetings aimed at better understanding conditions for functioning of different companies in given subregions and their specific development plans, so that Strategy formulated for the whole voivodship took into account differences in the region and gave opportunity to benefit from planned promotional activities to as many subjects as possible.

Strategic document: http://www.wrpo.wielkopolskie.pl/zalaczniki/Strategia_Promocji_Gospodarczej.pdf