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Brand Strategy for the City of Belchatow 2012-2020

Developing our activities in the area of place branding, in the first half of 2012 we created Brand Strategy for the City of Belchatow.

• How to successfully create brand of the city with dominating negative image – contaminated industrial city and „poisoner”?
• In branding and promotional activities how to overcome identifying the city with only one element – coal maine and electricity plant?
• How to efficiently communicate various aspects of the city perceived only through one perspective – as a centre of the industrial area?
• How to use to promotional advantage proximity of the voivedoship’s capital without diminishing image clarity and identity individuality as well as city’s offer?
• How to shape local economic brand so that it can be successfully fitted in forecasting changes of city’s economic resources’ characteristics in the long term (running out of coal resources – closing down electricity plant)?

These are only some of the issues to which AGERON Polska’s team found solutions while creating brand of the City of Belchatow. Combining experience in market research and creating strategic tools for local governments we prepared comprehensive strategy of the city brand together with segment’s product and promotional strategy (inhabitants, tourists, investors). We provided professional consulting and support for the city government, determined to create new, strong and distinct local brand and start a new chapter in the city’s promotional activities.

Our creative work was based on complex diagnosis of the image that City of Belchatow already had among internal and external recipients, in media and in Internet. We carried out social and market research based on comprehensive combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques of market research and diversification of data’s sources. We identified strengths and weaknesses of the city and five features within Unique Selling Position, positioning Belchatow against competitors on the cities market in the region and outside of region.

This is how the brand Belchatow: only good re:actions! was created, emphasizing dynamic and active features of the city meeting needs of inhabitants, tourists and investors and reacting to contemporary challenges, including caring for environment. We created complex brand, in which main idea is reflected fully in structure of sub brands and rich wallet of 16 city brand’s products (in the area of tourism, services, investment, culture and sport). Concept of the brand includes also guidelines which will allow later to create identification of visual identification consistent and integral with whole city brand.

By including in the strategy detailed recommendations concerning promotional activities for the brand as such as well as for specific products we led local brand of Belchatow in the area of Internet communication, mobile applications and social-technological innovations.

We combined typically creational elements with full description of implementation and evaluation details, thanks to which final document presenting Brand Strategy of the City of Belchatow is a professional tool for managing the city brand in the reality of everyday functioning of the City Council in Belchatow.