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Promotional strategy of Pruszkow for years 2013-2020

Warsaw agglomeration is one of the fastest developing metropolitan areas in Poland.

Functional and spatial expansion observed in recent years clearly indicates suburbanization of the city – intensification of the areas surrounding the city. This leads to increase in competition between Warsaw suburban centers when it comes to new citizens and entrepreneurs. In order to gain competitive advantage, these centers conduct and employ a wide range of measures to attract new citizens and entrepreneurs to their municipalities.

Pruszkow is one of these centers – nearly 60 thousand city located in Western Warsaw agglomeration. The city started to be recognized due to criminal group that operated in Pruszkow that drawn its name from the name of the city – Pruszkow mob. Although the mob has already been defeated, the association is still very clear and distorts the images of the city. In order to reduce the role of prejudices and strengthen the positive image of Pruszkow, on behalf of The Department of Promotion and Culture of Pruszkow, we elaborated the strategy of promotion for Pruszkow for 2013-2020. The strategy includes 5 programs:

  1. Pruszkow – a pleasure to look at! – improvement of spatial planning in Pruszkow;
  2. Pruszkow – I leve here! – increase in territorial identification of the citizens of Pruszkow;
  3. PruszCooperation – strengthening the cooperation capital in Pruszkow;
  4. Move Pruszkow – increase in the level of active participation of Pruszkow citizens in cultural, sport and recreational events in Pruszkow.
  5. Time for PR-uszkow! – building a positive image of Pruszkow.

These were developer on the basis of the citizens of Pruszkow and with their participation. Systematic implementation will enable Pruszkow to strengthen the competitive advantage among the cities of Warsaw agglomeration and help to create the identification of the citizens and entrepreneurs with the city of their residence and everyday life.

It’s time for Pruszkow!

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