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Development Forecast for Lower Silesia’s Labour Market


Is the professional-qualification structure of Lower Silesian employees suitable for economic subjects’ expectations?

AGERON Polska carried out a system project ‘Forecast of regional economy’s needs in terms of labour in sector-industry and qualification-professional structure in the Lower Silesian voivodeship’. Project was partly financed from European Social Fund within Operational Programme Human Capital – 8.1.4 Predicting economic change.

Project consisted of three stages, each of them covered different aspect of Lower Silesian labour market, which allowed to create complex forecasts for this market and formulate recommendations for each group of members on the Lower Silesian labour market.

Key results of the project included identification of gaps on the labour market in terms of qualifications and professions as well as recommendations of actions, addressed to various subjects connected with labour market, aiming at minimizing observed inadequacies on the labour market. Formulating recommendations required comparing demand for job declared by the employers and job’s supply in the Lower Silesian region.

Summary: http://www.innowacje.dolnyslask.pl/zalaczniki/250_raport3.pdf