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Polish Export Promotion Portal

Portal for the Ministry of Economy

AGERON Polska and experts from Acquitec formulated a functional concept of a new governmental internet portal – place in the online world gathering Polish companies being active on the foreign markets. Portal aims at offering support and stable and free access to high quality information in area of planning, organizing and carrying out export/investment activities on foreign markets and promoting offer of Polish companies on the international area.

Works on the portal were carried out within a project ‘Formulating functional concept of Polish Export Promotion Portal’, which assumes designing content and functionality of the new portal. According to the Ministry of Economy’s guidelines, the aim of the new Polish Export Promotion Portal is to make it easier for Polish entrepreneurs who want to expend their activities on the international markets to gain information about export possibilities in foreign countries. What is more, it will be a good place for foreign companies to gain knowledge about Poland and Polish economy.

It is assumed that portal will be based on already existing governmental portals:

• trade.gov.pl – Information Service of Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish Embassies and Consulates (WPHI)
• eksporter.gov.pl – Polish Export Promotion Portal of the Ministry of Economy
• coie.gov.pl – The Network of Investors and Exporters’ Service Centres (COIE)

Working on the project resulted in description of Functional Concept of the Portal, based on which new portal will be designed and implemented.