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Localization of applications and mobile games

lokalizacja gier i aplikacji mobilnychIntroducing applications and mobile games at prospective foreign markets.

Developing markets, mainly from Asia and Latin America, constitute eight out of ten markets with the fastest growth of mobile segment in 2014. Some analysts estimate that the revenue from these markets in 2015 will exceed three to five times the revenue from markets in Europe and North America (Android and iOS)


Simultaneously, in order to benefit from these markets, the developer needs to apply a special approach and significant knowledge. AGERON supports this goal and conducts research on the markets, develops complete strategies for localization and acts as an intermediary at the contact with key local partners.

Our consultancy services include the following areas:

  • Content – which elements of the content or functionality of the application need to be adopted to particular market (e.g. due to cultural differences or preferences of the consumers)?
  • Distribution – how to reach the users where Apple AppStore and Google Play are not main channel of applications sale, or are unavailable in general?
  • Monetization – how to benefit from the market, where alternative systems of payment function (e.g. where the consumers do not have credit cards)?
  • Promotion – how to reach the users in the countries with individual channels of communication and social media (different than Facebook and Twitter)? What promotional actions and cross-promotion should be used in order to maximize the revenue?

Do not waste your chance to benefit from the developing markets! Contact us and learn more about the cooperation possibilities. We have a special offer targeted at start-ups and small developers – we love applications and enjoy working with them. Please, contact us, and let’s figure out, how to use even a limited budget.

photo: Rob Deutscher/CC BY 2.0/http://bit.ly/15OLpyx