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Investment climate analysis for the Plock airport

The full name of the analysis was: “Development of information on investment climate for the Plock airport region and the neighborhood in order to prepare the investment area in the city and the region of Plock”.


We are glad that it was our second (apart from Economic Development Policy for the city of Plock for 2012-2022) project run for the city of Plock.

The study conducted included the analysis whether the existing airport should be transformed into as a General Aviation airport and thus enable civilian air traffic service. External support and its business relevance for this investment were taken into consideration (the ability to cover the maintenance cost).

The following aspects were taken into consideration:

  • The assessment of investment attractiveness of the region and the city supported by determining the companies that could be interested in the area;
  • The analysis of local activities that serve entrepreneurship development;
  • The analysis of factors that condition attracting the investors to the investment region effectively;
  • The program of activities that support positive investment climate of the city;
  • The promotion program for the investment area that results in attracting the investors effectively together with approximate estimation of the costs;
  • The analysis of investment barriers in respect of environmental and ecological aspects.