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Functional Area of Radom – a strategy for development

We have just finished another development strategy project for a functional area. After Wloclawek, Konin and Leszno, we designed a strategy for Functional Area of Radom, which includes 15 municipalities and the centre-city ? Radom.

The assessment phase was based on the syntesis of the information gathered during particular detailed analysis conducted in the course of:

  • Transport Module: ?Integrated Planning of Sustainable Transport in Functional Area of Radom?;
  • Renovation Module: ?Preventing Development and Social Problems in Functional Area of Radom by Renovation of Degraded Areas?;
  • Environment Module: ?Red of Multifunctional Open Areas of Natural System (green belt)?.

The design of the Strategy was based on the assessment and a discussion, which was the result of a series of meetings. It permitted its efficient application and elaboration of the area’s mission, which states that: Functional Area of Radom is a competitive economic centre at an inter-regional scale, where the citizens’ quality of life is constantly increasing. Its advantage is based on the cooperation of Radom with the rest of the municipalities of the area, and whose development is in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.