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Cross-Innovation. Internationalization of SME from Warsaw


Cross-Innovation is a process of merging companies from creative sector and those from traditional sectors. In order to share knowledge and know-how. It enables creating added value, new products and business processes that enrich the expertise of both companies. The example being the cooperation of the producer of nanotechnology impregnates for car body and architect office that resulted in patenting new substance for architecture and sculpture artifacts. Both companies may now start expand into new markets with their brand-new and innovative product.

International expansion is mentioned not by chance. Ageron Polska run the European phase of Cross-Innovation project that was devoted to internationalize Warsaw entrepreneurs wanting to start a cross-sector cooperate with companies from other partner cities such as: Birmingham, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Pilzno, Tallinn, Vilnius, Berlin and Linz. The project involved the following branches:

  • ICT
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Video games and mobile applications,
  • Energy sector and green-tech
  • Design (industrial pattern-designing, fashion, computer graphics, 3D design and production)
  • Multimedia
  • Social media and internet
  • Medical sector (health care and medical equipment)

…and many other, as about 120 from 11 markets of European Union companies took part in the project.

Ageron Polska, acting as a broker of innovation and cross-sector cooperation, completed the following measures:

  • Analysis of innovative and export potential of Warsaw SME and selection of the most interesting companies for further internationalization
  • Matchmaking for Warsaw companies with the companies from other partner cities completed by organizing a B2B session in Berlin and signing the cooperation declaration by Warsaw SME and companies from Stockholm, Berlin and Vilnius
  • Workshop on cross-sector innovative cooperation for Life Science sectors at Berlin Innovation Interface Event
  • Developing a recommendation for economic development policy makers of the City of Warsaw in respect of international perspective in Warsaw entrepreneurs activity (part of strategic document CrossInnovation Warsaw Implementation Plan)
  • Workshops, consultations and consulting for Warsaw SME in the scope of international expansion
  • Representing Warsaw at events in Stockholm (September 2013) and Birmingham (June 2014) – presentation on the role of internationalization in municipal programs of support for innovative sectors
  • Gathering good practices and description of case studies of the most interesting cross-sector innovative initiatives

More information about the project at: www.cross-innovation.eu