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Commercialization of mobile games at Asian and Latin American markets – research and strategy

Commercialization of mobile games at Asian and Latin American markets – research and strategy

We developed a strategy to develop games for mobile phones focused on 6 most perspective foreign markets.

The aim of the project was to provide the Client (producer of games) with strategic and pragmatic recommendations in the scope of measures worth undertaking on specific markets in order  to increase the popularity of games produced.
We conducted a research on specific conditions on particular markets, such as:

Preferences of the games users;

  • Ways to promote mobile games;
  • Potential business partners;
  • Media and sector events with respect to promotion;
  • Distribution channels;
  • Download prices and micropayment systems;
  • Features of the game analyzed compared to the most popular competitive games;
  • Games’ lifecycles;
  • Condition, volume and trends at mobile market;
  • Consumers’ buying habits;
  • Models of adopting cultural and economic global patterns with regard to national patterns;
  • Popularity of topic of the game analyzed;
  • Barriers of accepting the game and potential sensitive topics in the culture analyzed;
  • Norms and cultural symbols important in the game’s topic (social attitude towards sport, aggression, violence, local pop culture symbols, traditionally conditioned aesthetics);
  • Strategies of competitive games producers and publishers.

The following tools were used in the research:

  • desk research;
  • analysis of the players’ commentaries;
  • on-line questionnaire (CAWl);
  • Media analysis;
  • Product lifecycle analysis ;
  • 4P analysis;
  • Scoring method of the market attractiveness (Market Selector);
  • Benchmarking of the most popular competitive games;
  • Case study.

Running the same, logically coherent research process at 6 completely different markets that use 5 different languages was the most challenging part of the project. What we cared about most, was enabling the Client to compare and assess the business attractiveness of these countries and to provide a detailed specification of these markets and the range of measures necessary for successful game commercialization at each market studied. Specially for this project, we developed an innovative methodology dedicated for studies in this thematic area, rarely run in Poland and globally. This discipline is prevailed by preferences and consumers’ behavior at mobile market of general reach. In order to provide a tailor-made recommendation, we created a methodology suitable, among other things, for: specific theme of the game and the segment occupied by the games for mobile devices. Thanks to that, the research and analysis results obtained gave the Client practical business recommendations.

The research was conducted from May till September 2014 and were co-financed by Go_Global.PL program run by The National Centre for Research and Development.