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Research on Regional Labour Markets in Masovian Voivodeship


In 2011 AGERON Polska carried out local project, entering segment of social research in classical version. Analyzing topic of labour market, supply and demand for jobs in local scale and unemployment, we added to economic perspective also social aspect – perspective of stakeholders in six local communities in Masovia.

In this project we guaranteed deep insight into characteristic features of research phenomena thanks to applying qualitative research methods. Combination of organizational efficiency, deep knowledge and vast experience of AGERON’s researchers allowed us to efficiently carry out 75 individual in-depth interviews, 18 focused group interviews, with over 130 respondents from wide scope of categories: representatives of institutional actors (public, non-governmental), representatives of economic subjects (enterprises, job centres) and individuals (unemployed).

In this research we used original research tool – matrix applied to analyze recruitment advertisement in local press and Internet environment.

Apart from reaching research objectives – diagnosis of local labour markets’ situation and recommendations in the area of policies for labour market and functioning of labour market’s institutions, project carried out by AGERON made it possible to create, test and evaluate ready research tools (scenarios of interviews). Qualitative tool created by our company will be implemented in future editions of research within Masovian Labour Market Observatory guaranteeing standardization and comparative data.

Research results (Module II): http://obserwatorium.mazowsze.pl/idm,91,wyniki-badan.html