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Research and promotion of Ecuadorian products

Ecuador Export and Investment Promotion Agency (CORPEI) 2008

Project was carried out in 3 phases.

The first stage of research was carried out among commercial chains in France, UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Germany. In-depth interviews were mainly directed at diagnosing introduction of Ecuadorian products – above all food products, but also furniture, textiles and flowers. Based on this research strategy was formulated how to introduce Ecuadorian products to European chains. Client received database of direct contacts to suitable buyers.

The second stage consisted of researching possibility of distributing Ecuadorian products in the European Union using logistic platform 3PL (Third Party Logistics) – where one or more logistic functions are outsourced to external company. Typical functions which can be outsourced include transport, customs and loading consolidation, storage, contract storage, fulfilling orders, distribution and transport management. Research was carried out using method of interviews in German, Dutch and Italian ports.

The third stage included benchmarking mission of 10 Ecuadorian enterprises from the food industry in Poland and Czech Republic. Ecuadorian entrepreneurs met with Polish importers at the IFE Poland fairs in Warsaw and paid study visit to Czech chain markets, visiting among others TESCO’s warehouses.