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Analysis of foreign markets for our IT Client

We have conducted an analysis of foreign markets in order to select a direction with the greatest potential of commercialization of a technology of a Polish company from the IT sector.

15 countries have been chosen using maroeconomic indicators and indicators which show the level of internet usage and safety. We have also examined the level of development of financial markets, especially in the field of banking and insurance. In the next step, those 15 countries have been re-examined and compared on the basis of the indicators that reflect the level of popularity and development of e-commerce, e-banking and big data.

As a result of a profound analysis and a subjective evaluation based on our client?s specific needs regarding the characterization of the markets and his global vision of expansion, 5 target markets have been chosen.

Both the decision and the final recommendations have been based on the specific character of the technology. What?s more, we have taken into account not only the size and the stage of development of those markets, but also the dynamics of their growth and their potential. The IT sector is known of its extraordinary pace of change, which is at the same time the most problematic and the most important aspect when it comes to developing an internationalization strategy