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Analysis of potential creative sectors in Mazowsze

Indicating 5 most important sectors/trades in terms of building cluster initiatives.


According to Professor R. Florida’s concept creativity became the main factor in developing economy in the last decades. Professor argues that creative people are engines of the economic growth and places where they live develop dynamically and attract more creative individuals. According to this assumption local governments should initiate and carry out a wide range of activities aiming at focusing creative class and supporting its entrepreneurship. Creative activities, understood as the ones having their roots in individual skills and talents – in big part are included in trades such as advertising, architecture, design, fashion design, publishing, radio and television, computer software, literature and visual arts, applied arts, film and video, music, stage arts and photography.

Mazovian Voivodeship Marshall Office supports creative sector by building and developing clusters between enterprises from this sector – chance for development of the sector is associated with internal cooperation, resulting in increasing added value, spreading over other sectors of economy. We carried out analysis of the potential creative sectors in Mazowsze for the Office, where we indicated 5 most important trades in terms of building cluster initiatives.

This research project is exceptional compared to all the projects carried out by AGERON until now due to its very complex research process. In order to carry out comprehensive diagnosis of the subject we applied 11 research methods and analysis techniques altogether, including desk research, analysis of the spatial concentration, picturing and cartographic analysis, PAPI, IDI, TDI, CATI, SWOT analysis, Porter five forces analysis, point estimation of attractiveness and expAnalysis of potential creative sectors in Mazowszeert panel.

Before defining 5 groups of subjects indicated for developing cluster initiatives we answered question about factors contributing to efficient development of clusters in general. As the analysis carried out proved, successful development of clusters depends on 3 main factors:

Guideline 1: The cluster must meet the needs of the specific audience. A cluster will only survive if there is real demand for its products, remembering that clusters may offer products required solely by cluster members as well as products which are the result of cooperation between businesses within the cluster and which are sold on the market.

Guideline 2: The cluster should be the result of a grassroots initiative. The biggest opportunities are given to clusters established from the bottom up. However, this does not mean a lack of space to support the creation of clusters from public administrations – on the contrary, the actions of authorities should be directed at supporting cluster initiatives as well as mature clusters.

Guideline 3: A cluster should have the potential for inter-branch cooperation. A cluster in the creative branch should have the potential to develop collaboration with other industries, particularly traditional industries – as well as to raise the competitiveness of the latter.

Guideline 4: A cluster must be a strong brand. A cluster within an industry must be a brand that will promote Mazovia as a creative region and will raise the competitiveness of the region as well as on the international arena.

We encourage you to look through full results of the research (in Polish): http://www.msodi.mazovia.pl/upload/files/pdfy/Analiza%20potencjalnych%20sektorow%20kreatywnych.pdf