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Ex-post image evaluation of Poland and Polish economy in the countries of main trade partners

The Works on the evaluation have already begun. The project is a part of a system project: Polish economy promotion on international markets run by the Ministry of Economy under Innovative Economy Operational Program ? Sub-measure 6.5.1.

In 2011, on the basis of image evaluation, we developer the Polish Economy Brand ? visual concept for Polish economy promotional program.

On 9 target markets, where promotional measures were taken, we have run a wide-ranging international image evaluation, where 900 companies were consulted in FGI?s and 9000 entrepreneurs took part in telephone interviews.

Finally, the Polish Economy Brand was developed. The Brand was widely used in Sector Promotional Programs ( AGERON run three of them: Sector Promotional Program for Polish Biotech&Pharma, Sector Promotion Program of Medical Device and Measuring Equipment and Polish Economy Promotion Program in Algeria).

After 4 years, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, we have been running ex-post image evaluation in order to assess the change of competitive position of Poland and Polish exporters on foreign markets. The research is intended to show, to what extent the image of Poland abroad has changed and determine the guidelines for further marketing measures strengthening the image of Poland and Polish economy for next few years.

The project involves interview with entrepreneurs (importers, exporters and investors) from 9 countries, where promotional measures were taken and Polish entrepreneurs that export to these 9 countries. Apart from that, in-depth interviews with the representatives of Polish business circle (i.e. with the representatives of Polish to companies, well-known internationally and the representatives of business-related institutions) will be conducted. Also, we will develop the analysis of good practices with regard to Polish international business collaboration and media analysis.