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E-commerce logistics platform Poland-Mexico

meksykOn behalf of Polish private company form health&beauty sector, we have developed the export path to Mexico.




Under the project, together with our Client, we have completed the following steps:

  1. Recognizing the practical rules concerning the registration of products (cosmetics and dietary supplements) in Mexico.
  2. Developing all the phases of optimal logistic process from the port in Mexico to the end user.
  3. Finding local partners necessary for each phase.

What constituted the major obstacle in this project was the fact that the deliveries had to be made in cash on delivery system. Such a form is rather unpopular in Mexico, where  problem with safe transportation of cash and range of payment terminals is still widespread. Only a limited number of courier companies offer cash on delivery shipment.

Apart from that, our team faced the problem characteristic of Mexican market, i.e. extremely complicated COFEPRIS regulations (The Federal Committee forProtectionagainstSanitary Risks).

We believe that the export of our Client’s products to Mexico will start shortly. We, on the other hand, get ready for developing the logistics path to 9 further non-European markets.