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Analysis of competitiveness for innovative solution GREEN-TECH

We have conducted an analysis of competitiveness for international, newly opened technology by Polish producer form Renewable Sources of Energy sector.

Among 25 markets from Europe, North America, Central Asia, North Africa and Middle East, we chose 11 markets with highest potential for technology commercialization. In order to do that, we have analyzed macroeconomic, socio-demographic, geolocation factors and factors describing local market of energy.

In the second stage, the 11 markets were analyzed with regard to directly and indirectly competitive products. Our Client’s solution was positioned and compared to the competition with regard to technical parameters and price. Afterwards, we determined 5 markets, where the potential is highest.

The third stage consists of the analysis of 5 macro-regions (Balkans, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, Persian Gulf) with regard to building marketing strategy for entering these markets. Distribution channels, competitors strategies, organizational culture and promotional tools were analyzed. Having that, we presented final recommendation on how to enter the high-potential market and how to adopt communication and promotion to their specific character.

The project co-financed with sub-measure 5.4.1. Innovative Economy Operational Program “Support to obtain the protection of industrial property.